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Eric Styer



Are you getting sloppy performances trying to record on your own? Don't know how to get a flawless performance on all of your tracks? Let's take your song, your vision, and quite frankly your "baby" to the next level. Without great recorded tracks your song isn't living up to its fullest potential. A complete mobile setup allows me to record at your preferred recording space or rented a studio. I also have to ability to record guitars, bass, keys, and vocals at my home studio.

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Do you produce your own music and don't want to do the tedious job of editing your tracks? Just send me your recorded tracks and ....

- Your drums will be quantized to the grid all while sounding human and not a robot. This applies to MIDI drums as well!

- Guitars and Bass will be perfectly aligned and sound super tight.

- Vocals will be tuned and time aligned to assure super tight and awesome vocals.



So you've got great recorded tracks but can't figure out how to get it all to sound like you want. Send over your tracks and get a polished and professional mix. Through equalization, saturation, compression, and a litany of effects, we can bring your songs to life! So let's get that pro sounding mix you've been waiting for!

Time to make a Record!

Hi there! I'm Eric. A music producer located in Montgomery County Pennsylvania. My goal is to get the absolute best sounding mix I can for you. I take you from pre-production all the way through the final mix. I want to take you to the next level and beyond! So if you want pro quality sounding mixes, lets go make a record! 

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Questions about your project, pricing, and services please fill in form below.

🤘I'll get back to you ASAP🤘

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